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We offer the best value for your time and money!  Our ATP is overseen and coordinated by a retired Air Force pilot and airline pilot.  We know what you need and will provide the best service from start-to-finish.  We guarantee your certificate!  We know one size doesn't fit everyone, so we offer everything you want and need, airport pickup/drop-off, lodging, courtesy cars, and study guides to make sure you are ready.  Tired of the same solutions that our competitors provide, now is the time to make the switch to MRA.  In addition to the normal ATP services, we offer airline interview preparation as part of the ATP program or separately. Click Here to learn more.
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We are adding a new multi-engine Grumman GA-7 to our fleet this March! Click Here to learn more.

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Aviation Training

career pilot training

You've decided it's time to learn to fly and start your career in aviation Middle River Aviation can help. With decades of experience in pilot training we are known in the industry as the flight training school where the professionals and flight instructors come for recurrent pilot training. If you want a stellar career in aviation, start with the best training available. Start with Middle River Aviation.

private pilot

Learning to fly isn't just for Commercial pilots. There are more Private Pilots in the United States than anywhere else in the world. Start your flight training today and learn what so many others have already discovered, how flying for fun and for your own enjoyment can change your life. The world becomes a much smaller place when you can fly with your friends and family and travel in a fraction of the time than you would be driving or dealing with the large air carriers. Find out how much more life has to offer, when you fly.


Professional pilots have been using multi-million dollar flight simulators for years for flight training and recurrent training to hone their skills. Middle River Aviation now offers the most advanced flight training full motion flight simulator available to the general aviation market, so you can train like the professionals. Whether you are perusing an instrument rating or just trying to stay current with your skills, our Redbird MCX simulator can not only save you money on your training, but it will make you a better pilot.

Aviation Rental Services


Middle River Aviation has the area's largest fleet of rental aircraft, ranging from two seat trainers to high performance, cross country travelers. All of our aircraft are available for rent on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. These aircraft rent "wet" with fuel included in the hourly rate. Now that you have learned to fly with us, you can rent the same dependable and familiar trainers you learned to fly in, or upgrade to one of our larger, faster, high performance aircraft to go on the trips you have always dreamed of. Our aircraft are maintained to an unparalleled standard for a safe, enjoyable, and worry free flying experience.


If you fly helicopters, now you can rent one of our Robinson Helicopters just like you can rent any of our fixed wing aircraft. We are proud to be Baltimore's largest helicopter training school so if you don't have a helicopter pilot's certificate yet, you can train with us then rent our helicopters and take your own helicopter tours with your friends and family.

About us at middle river aviation

Whether you have had the urge to fly since you were little, or whether it is something that has just intrigued you, now is the time to start flying! Becoming a pilot is easier than you think. All you have to do is start taking lessons.

 Middle River Aviation is proud to be Maryland's largest flight training school. We have the largest fleet of aircraft in the Baltimore metropolitan area, available for both training and rental,  and with the largest staff of the most experienced flight instructors in Baltimore, you can feel confident that you are learning from the best. We know your time is valuable, so we won't waste it with scheduling delays. Our fleet is maintained to an exceptional standard that is without comparison. What this means to you is, "we are ready to fly when you are".