Why Choose Middle River Aviation?

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Why Choose Us?

     There are 4 things that determine the value of a flight school: experience, pricing, availability, and equipment. We excel in all those areas. Middle River Aviation takes students from Private Pilot all the way through Airline Transport Pilot in both airplanes and helicopters. Here’s some other reasons why you should choose our school's flight lessons over the others in Maryland:

Our Experienced Instructors                  

The average flight time of our instructors is over 3,000 hours. Our average instructor has over 1,500 hours of instruction given, and our staff is experienced in over 40 different airframes. (Meet Our Instructors)


Our Aircraft Pricing

We can keep our prices lower than our competitions because of our volume of flight training. Our partnership with CCBC allows us to give CCBC students special pricing. (Review Our Course Pricing)


Our Availability

Our large fleet and complement of flight instructors allow us to cater to your availability. With our user-friendly online scheduling system, it’s easier than ever to start flying and stay in the air. (Schedule Your First Flight)

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Largest Training Fleet in Maryland

4 Helicopters

10 Airplanes including many equipped with the most advanced avionics on the market.

Redbird full motion simulator (View Our Fleet)


Our Value

We are an FAA approved Part 141 Flight Training Center. This means that we can certificate pilots in less time, and for less money. Our experienced instructors, affordable pricing, outstanding availability, and modern equipment allow you to get the best value in your flight training. (Learn Our Values)


Your Career Opportunities

At Middle River Aviation, we provide you with a professional environment where you will enjoy a team atmosphere and the comradery of other like-minded individuals. Many of our students stay on after graduation to instruct and follow in the footsteps of those who have moved on to the airlines or charter companies. (View Your Career Options)

Largest Baltimore Flight Training Center

We are an FAA approved Part 141 Flight Training Center. This means that our syllabus allows us to certificate pilots in less flight time, and for less money.

Our experienced instructors, low pricing, modern equipment, and great availability allow you to get the most value in your flight training. (Learn More)


We’re Veteran Owned and Operated

Middle River Aviation is a veteran owned and operated flight school who knows what the comfort of brotherhood is. Almost all our instructors are prior-military and strive to keep that “family” feeling alive in our programs. (Apply as a Veteran)

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