Baltimore's Top Flight School for Military Veterans

Middle River Aviation is a veteran owned and operated FAA certified flight school. Most of our flight instructors and support staff are veterans. We support and respect any past and present military personnel who want to learn to fly with our well known and respected flight classes. We understand veterans, because we are veterans. Approximately 80% of our students are veterans using their GI Bill benefits through the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). With this program, we teach students to fly, and CCBC facilitates the academic portion to allow students to both earn their pilot’s license and a college degree. Our students are well prepared for the job market and a cut above their peers when interviewing.

Our Baltimore flight school experts can help get you on the right track to using your military benefits towards a pilot’s license. As veterans, we’re here to help other veterans reach their goals.

Since we are veterans, we understand what it’s like to be on active duty one day, surrounded by brothers in arms, and a civilian the next, surrounded by strangers who have little in common with you. The brotherhood and support they once had in the military is stripped away once a vet is released to the civilian world. Many of our veterans, both instructors and students, will freely admit that being here at Maryland’s top aviation school is the closest they’ve had to support system since leaving the service. They aren’t alone. They are training with people who have the same discipline, focus, drive and issues shared by similar experiences. The camaraderie and mutual understanding aids dramatically in the success you will find in your training and in your aviation career goals.


Most of our military veteran students who complete their flight training here return to become flight instructors at our school. Many instructors and students alike are veterans from various branches of the military with all different experience’s and backgrounds. The typical student will teach at Middle River Aviation until they acquire enough flight hours to apply for the professional airlines. Doing your training through MRA of Baltimore will not only fill a void you may have been missing since leaving active duty, but it will jump start your career in aviation. We know it because we witness it every day.

If you are a military veteran who has recently retired or recently separated from active duty or has been retired for a while but is just now wanting to learn how to fly, contact our premiere flight school today. The friendly and knowledgeable staff here will walk you through the application process and guide you to the successful path of paying for flight school with your GI Bill and veteran’s benefits. If you are veteran and are looking for the brotherhood you once had along with being able to grow and succeed as a pilot Middle River Aviation is for YOU! You've served your country, now let us serve you. Call us today!