Veterans, did you know you can learn to fly for a new career after your military service, all while earning a college degree? And your Veteran’s Benefits will not only pay for your flight lessons but will pay for your housing while you train as well!

     There are two ways to use Veterans Benefits to learn how to fly; either directly through our GI approved flight school or through the Community College of Baltimore County.

     To use your benefits directly through our flight school, you will need to apply through the VA. We will need to see your letter of approval before you begin any flight training. Please note that if you are not already a Private Pilot then you must enroll in CCBC’s degree program in order to have your GI bill pay for your Private Pilot training.

     To use your GI Bill benefits for GI Bill through the Community College of Baltimore County you must enroll in either the Professional Pilot - Airplane, or Professional Pilot - Helicopter degree program directly through the college. Using your benefits through the college will allow you to earn an associate degree and your FAA Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Flight Instructor Certificate, Flight Instructor Instrument Certificate, Commercial Multi-Engine Certificate, and Multi-Engine Instructor Certificate. If you enroll as a full-time student, you will also be eligible for Basic Housing Allowance.

Become a Pilot with Your GI Bill Today

     Each semester you will enroll in courses such as Aviation History, Private Pilot Ground School, and so forth. You will also enroll in a flight lab each semester. Enrolling in a flight lab will allow you to receive the funding necessary to complete your flying lessons and physical flying training. After enrolling in a flight lab, you will select Middle River Aviation as your GI approved flight training school in order to designate our center to receive funding for your training. You will schedule to fly with one of our professional flight instructors approximately 3-4 times per week. Our flight instructors will keep track of your progress and make sure that you are completing all the requirements in order to be eligible to take your FAA practical exam. Once all the requirements are complete, you will receive an endorsement from your instructor to take the FAA oral and practical exam. If you pass both the oral and practical FAA exam, the examiner will then issue you a pilot certificate or rating. Once that rating is complete, you may begin training for the next certificate or rating immediately.

     In our experience, completing your training through the Community College of Baltimore County is the most effective way to use your GI Bill. We proudly accept the GI Bill and are VA approved/operated. More than half of our staff is comprised of veterans, so we know both what it’s like to pursue a new career after leaving the service, and have the skills to train you to earn your pilot’s license with flying colors. If you are interested in learning to fly at Baltimore's top flight school, be sure to contact our aviation school administrators and flight school instructors to help get you started! There's not better place in Maryland to take flight lessons!