Student Reviews & Testimonials

Andy Hughes

First Officer-American Eagle Airlines

"From the very beginning, at the private pilot level, Middle River Aviation offered the most professional, and cost-effective way to start my career as an Airline Pilot. Kevin and the instructors at Middle River Aviation are the best in the business and value every one of their students. With impeccable maintenance, top of the line equipment, knowledgeable instructors, and the largest fleet in the area, MRA can make your dream of becoming a professional pilot a reality."



Retired Army Helicopter Pilot

"In just over two years, Middle River Aviation, in conjunction with CCBC’s Aviation Program, took me from 0 fixed-wing time to the airlines. I highly recommend MRA as a knowledgeable, customer oriented, part 141 flight training center. Experience and reliability count, and Middle River Aviation has both!"

William Evans 

Current CCBC Aviation Career Student

"Middle River Aviation was my first choice for flight training because of the availability of aircraft, variety of aircraft, experienced instructors, and competitive pricing."


Paul Hylenski

Private Pilot & Current Customer

"Middle River Aviation's excellence starts at the top and follows throughout the company.  Kevin is a fellow veteran and was always helpful when I was completing my training at the flight school.  He was knowledgeable and understanding and even took the time to help me start a stubborn engine on a cold morning in the winter, when I was nervous and excited to embark on one of my solo cross country requirements for my license.  Then there are the flight instructors.  I had the honor to train with one of the best in the business.  Bruce Hollen is, in my opinion, the epitome of what an instructor should be.  His teaching skill and straight forward training approach let me to be able to get my private pilot license after only 43 hours of training.  His approach and dedication not only made me a safe pilot, but also saved me a lot of money in training. This flight school is not all about the money like so many other ones are.  Their mission is to make safe, knowledgeable pilots and above all to inspire aviation into people.  This is readily portrayed and can be felt in all phases of the business.   All of the instructors at the flight school are amazing.  I have had interactions with most of them and they are all helpful and willing to answer any questions, or further my training with advice even when they are "not on the clock".  The reception staff is another stellar component to the business.  I have had amazing experiences with the flight school even after I got my PPL.   I regularly rent to go on trips or just get in some flying time and they are always helpful to me and they add a personal touch.  Most of the staff remember your name and it really makes a difference when you walk through the door and your not just a number, but a person.  The last part of their excellence are the aircraft.  The maintenance staff and general upkeep of the aircraft is something other schools should aspire to.  The planes are always well maintained and it is evident that the staff at the flight school take great pride in the condition of the planes."