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What’s that weird noise?

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Jennifer Caron from the FAA Safety Briefing explained the importance of pre-flight checklists quite frankly stating, “What’s that weird noise? I think to myself as I prepare for departure. I just finished my run-up, ready for take-off, and there it is again — that deep knocking sound — three times now — “knock, knock, knock.” But I just shut this airplane down 30 minutes ago — quick stopover, I needed a break. Now I’m running late, so I skipped the preflight check completely. But I always do a full run-up on every start-up, so it should be good to go without a preflight check, right? Don’t leave anything to chance.”

“Last year, 384 people died in 238 general aviation accidents. Powerplant system and component failure was, and is, the third most common event for fatal accidents, and maintenance errors were not to blame. Inadequate preflight preparation was cited as a contributing factor in many of these accidents.”

Our Baltimore flight instructors here at Middle River Aviation are constantly instilling the importance of preflight checklists to all aviation students that come through our airport. The concept of checking your aircraft before any type of flight is SO important to having a successful and safe trip. There can be many tiny things that go wrong with your aircraft if you skip a preflight check that could be the difference between life or death.

As Jennifer reiterates in her article, don’t ever leave anything to chance. Just like checking your motorcycle before you go on a long road trip or confirming your overall health before going under the knife for surgery, reviewing your aircraft before a flight with a keen eye is the same concept. Instructors across America haven’t spent hours upon hours training students to prepare themselves and their aircrafts for flights just to have them never utilize their lessons and veteran knowledge. There’s a reason we teach such a safety procedure.

“Remember This:

With safety in mind, following proper preflight procedures plays a critical role to ensure the airworthiness of your aircraft prior to takeoff. The steps you take before your aircraft leaves the ground will pay huge dividends towards your piece of mind while in the air.

And that weird knocking sound we heard earlier? Well, that was just your aircraft reminding you to do a thorough preflight check. Fly safe!”

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