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Paying for Flight School – How Veterans can Save BIG!

Are you a military veteran who has always been curious about becoming a pilot? Fortunately, your GI Bill or VA Benefits can completely pay for your completion of aviation school to earn your piloting license! Yes, you heard me correctly, veterans can learn to fly and have every course paid for by their well-earned benefits! Let us enlighten you on how exactly this works.

Two ways to use Veterans Benefits to learn how to fly:

1) Directly through our GI approved flight school

2) Through the Community College of Baltimore County

In order to enroll with Middle River Aviation directly by using your GI bill, you will first need to apply to and receive your benefits Letter of Eligibility from the Veterans Affairs office. Our veteran instructors can assist with helping you complete this step and get started properly. In order to utilize the second option, you must use your GI Bill to enroll in CCBC directly, signing up for a specific piloting license. The degree is called Professional Pilot Fixed Wing or Rotor wing. M Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. iddle River Aviation is partnered with CCBC so our staff would be happy to also help you enroll in this community college and our school simultaneously. We are here to not only help you decide which option would be best for your flight school needs, but we’re also here to educate you on how your GI Bill and VA Benefits work when it comes to paying for school!

Regardless of which avenue you’d like to personally take to earn your piloting license, give our expert staff a call today for some guidance from our informed employees! We’d be glad to walk you through how to get you started and on the proper path to flying high in the skies all by yourself! Contact Middle River Aviation today to start right away!