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How to enroll in a college and flight school to get your pilot’s license

First, choose the right program for you!

Things to consider:

1. Length of program

2. Degree

3. Cost

4. Flight training providers

5. Location

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you should visit the schools and/or flight training providers.

Application deadlines for a college program vary from school to school. Most schools require your application to be submitted at least 6 months before the beginning of the semester. Community Colleges are an exception generally allowing applications up until the commencement of the semester.

If you’re planning on completing the program while also working full-time, which many students have accomplished, you should make it a goal to apply and enroll in your classes as soon as possible. This will allow you to pick the best classes for you and optimize your schedule.

Another thing that varies from school to school is how you’ll be going about your flight training. At the Community College of Baltimore County, the students and flight schools all meet and the students get to pick the flight school they would like to train at. At Arizona State University, all the students are trained by one flight school.

The length of the program also reflects the amount of time you’re expected to move through the flight training in. For example, if you stay on track with a 2 year program you can go from 0 time to Commercial pilot and CFI in 2 years. In a 4 year program, you will go from 0 time to commercial pilot and CFI in 4 years.

Getting your degree in addition to getting your pilot certificates has added benefits. Not only are you getting more education on subjects important to your career, you’ll be qualified to get an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate “ATP” with a reduced hour requirement.

No degree - 1500 hours

AA in aviation - 1250 hours

BA in other - 1250 hours

BA in Aviation - 1000 hours

To learn more about how to enroll in a college and flight school to get your pilot’s license, give the veteran instructors at Middle River Aviation a call today! Our professional Baltimore flight school can answer any questions you have and get you on the right path to flying high in the sky. Contact us now!