• Middle River Aviation

FAA Check-up

It's that time of the year when we should all make sure that we are up-to-date with the FAA. The FAA stands for the Federal Aviation Administration. Middle River Aviation is a FAA Part 141 Certified flight school that makes sure to always keep our regulations up to date.

What exactly is the ACS (Airman Certification Standards)? The official FAA Government website publishes all standard changes on a yearly basis to make sure every FAA certified school and pilot is following the correct guidelines or rules the government has in place to fly.

The FAA.GOV website explains these standards well:

"The integrated format of the ACS has a number of benefits.

• It clearly tells applicants, instructors, and evaluators what an airman must KNOW, CONSIDER, and DO to pass the knowledge test and the practical test for an airman certificate or rating.

• It shows how the required knowledge, risk management, and skill elements for each Area of Operation/Task are connected.

• It defines expectations and behaviors for risk management and connects them to specific Tasks.

• It puts the “special emphasis” items from the PTS in the right context.

• The ACS approach enhances safety by making tests meaningful and relevant to actual operations and contributes to standardization in teaching and testing these concepts."

Here at Middle River Aviation, the largest aviation school in Baltimore, we are always up-to-date on our FAA regulations. Not only our school but also every single one of our instructors as well. These standards are always ingrained into each of our students minds when they take courses from us so they understand the importance and urgency of meeting FAA regulations on a yearly basis.

To learn more about the FAA and the regulations or standards they review consistently, check out their website to read all about the procedure they go through to meet new standards and what each individual item means to a pilot or school.

SOURCE: https://www.faa.gov/training_testing/testing/acs/