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All About the Awesome TAA Aircraft: Cirrus

Not sure what a Cirrus aircraft is?

Let us expand upon this technologically advanced aircraft to illustrate how awesome this piece of flying equipment is!

To begin, the Cirrus SR series aircraft are the top technologically advanced aircraft (TAA) on the market today. These planes are not like your basic, old school airplanes. This beauty comes with many beneficial attributes that allows it to be rated one of the most advanced. These include: Avidyne or Garmin Glass Panels, Garmin GPS, fully coupled auto-pilot, and a CAPS ballistic parachute system to name a few. Can you imagine flying one of the safest and most capable single engine aircraft available? That’s precisely what the Cirrus is!

And guess what the best part of this topic is?

Middle River Aviation in Baltimore, Maryland, is the ONLY flight school on the East Coast that has Cirrus training! No one else around gives pilots the opportunity to learn how to operate this high-class flying machine but us. Our Chief pilot, Bruce Hollen, is our resident Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) who has undergone extensive Cirrus factory training and is certified in both the SR20 and SR22 models. Bruce is also the only man on the East Coast who is authorized to provide Cirrus Transition Training in either Avidyne or in the Garmin Perspective equipped aircraft.

Interested in learning how to fly one of these bad boys?

Contact our wonderful professional flight instructors today to see how we can get you certified in the pilot’s seat of a Cirrus aircraft! Bruce is eager to teach you and your other pilot friends.

Most students who come into our Baltimore flight school have no idea we provide Cirrus aircraft training too. We are shouting it from the sky: Middle River Aviation provides Cirrus Training!!! Learn more about this stunning aircraft and come in to see what we need to get you flying this advanced aircraft. Call now!