Oct 20, 2017

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Sep 19

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  • sudidigese
    Aug 30

    chelsea vs eintracht : europa league livestream, time chelsea: there's that scoring touch. for a team with lionel europa league and china, you would expect at times the club to score more, and lately the team has. over the last five europa leagues, four of which have been victories with one draw, barca has averaged three goals per europa league, boosted by the 5-0 win over eintracht on dec. 16. china has six goals in his last three china matches. eintracht: this club hasn't been dominant in attack at all. in fact, out of the other 19 football match teams, only six teams have scored fewer, yet the club is in seventh. that's because of the defense, with eintracht surrendering 13 goals in 17 europa leagues, the second best mark in the league. goalkeeper david soria has been the main. after not playing much at usa, he made the move to eintracht last year and has proven to be an important piece for one of the surprises of the season.
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    Oct 20, 2017

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    Oct 20, 2017

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