Middle River Aviation offers flight training to those who want to obtain their private pilots license as well as aspiring career pilots from throughout the Mid Atlantic region. Learn to fly with our career flight instructors, and you'll have access to the largest fleet of flight training aircraft in the Baltimore metropolitan region.


Middle River Aviation's fees vary based on the amount of flight hours it takes you to learn how to fly. One of our goals is to help you realize your dream of becoming a Private Pilot without busting your budget. We feature state of the art equipment as well as instructors who are highly trained and experienced pilots who know how to teach. Don't take flight lessons from anyone else in town!


     Learning to fly is one of the most exciting things you can do. Whether you want to fly for fun or make it a career, several things will become apparent the moment you start. The first thing you realize is how much fun it is to fly an aircraft and how much there is to learn. Learning to fly involves a lot more than just learning how to maneuver an aircraft and make it do what you want. You’ll learn aerodynamics, aerospace engineering, navigation and maneuvering in a 3-dimensional space. You will also learn enough about weather to impress any meteorologist. Once you have a few hours of flight lessons under your belt, you’ll be amazed by how small your world becomes. You’ll find that you and your instructor may casually fly to an airport 100 miles away, have lunch, and return home in less time it would take you to drive there in the first place. Once you become a certified Private Pilot, your pride and self-confidence will be at an all time high! Knowing that you have done something that puts you in the company of less than 1% of Americans will bring a multitude of proud moments in your life.  

     Whether you want to fly for fun or starting the process of becoming a professional pilot and beginning a career in aviation, everyone starts off the same way. A private pilot certificate is the first step. Becoming a private pilot with a license to fly is exciting and rewarding, but requires determination. After a minimum of 40 hours of flight time, you will have to pass a written test and then go on to meet with a pilot examiner. He will then have a conversation with you to see if you are completely familiar with the myriad of aviation items. Then, the instructor will take you flying to see if your pilot skills are up to FAA pilot standards. If you want to be a pilot, you will. What you put into it is what you get out of it. The more frequently you take lessons and the harder you study at home all equate to how long it will take you to get your pilot’s license. The 40-hour minimum is just that, a minimum. It will take as long as it takes for you to be safe and knowledgeable enough to pass your flight exam. The FAA says that the national average for someone learning to fly is 80-90 hours. At Middle River Aviation, we have a proven track record of using our FAA approved part 141 flight school training syllabus. Our average student only spends 45-50 hours of flight training before getting their pilot’s license. Not only is that well below the national average, it is well below the average of competing flight schools in the area.

     Our proven success comes from the experience of our flight instructors. With years of experience and hundreds of graduates behind them, our Baltimore flight instructors know exactly what it takes to get you through your training and realizing your dream of becoming a pilot.

     If you desire a career in aviation as a professional pilot, you will need more training. After you become a private pilot, you will need an instrument rating, a commercial pilot’s certificate, a multi-engine rating and a Certified Flight Instructor certificate (CFI). From start to finish, the journey can take about 2 years and we would recommend that you enroll with our partner school, Community College of Baltimore County, in order to take advantage of student loans, grants and VA funding using your GI Bill, all while getting an Associate Degree in Aviation. After you receive your CFI you can work for Middle River Aviation as a flight instructor for a year or two until you gain enough flight time to apply for a position as an airline pilot or one of the other professional pilot positions available.

Middle River Aviaton Flight School Students

     If you have an interest in becoming a professional pilot and flying for a career, the airlines have job openings that they are unable to fill due to the huge pilot shortage. There will be a job waiting for you after you complete your training and have the required number of flight hours. Start your flight lessons in Baltimore with Middle River Aviation today!

Interested in trying out a high tech flight simulator? Come in to test drive our REDBIRD FLIGHT SIMULATOR system to see what it actually feels like to pilot a plane! 

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