Financing and Financial Aid

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Paying for flight school is typically the number one aspect that will dictate how long your flight training will take. If you want to learn to fly for a career, then you are looking to complete all your training in a reasonable amount of time. We know that flight training is not inexpensive and not having the right financing could make or break someone’s decision to work towards getting their pilot’s license and starting their career in aviation. Don’t let the money aspect ruin your dreams – sign up for super simple, super easy financial aid options. The professionals here at Middle River Aviation can assist you with signing up for financial aid or loans from several different sources you can trust.

The top 3 sources we always suggest to our potential students are:


CCBC Financial Aid

VA Benefits


If you are career minded or a military veteran, we will always recommend that your first choice would be to enroll in CCBC. Both for the degree in aviation you will receive and for the ability to have access to student loans and grants. If you are using your VA benefits for flight training you will get the most out of them through the college, instead of using them with us directly.

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We would recommend Pilot for 2 reasons. First is if you are only interested if flying for personal reasons and have no interest in a career in aviation. The second reason and most important is if you do want to start your career as a commercial pilot with the intent to enroll in CCBC but you would like to get started with your flight training before the next semester starts.


Each of those financing options have different aspects to them to fit different student’s needs. If you are currently a student at CCBC, we like to suggest utilizing their financial aid programs since they are in house. If you’re a veteran, our school admins can help get your VA Benefits, or GI Bill, set up to pay for flight school. If you are neither of those two options, Middle River Aviation always suggest Pilot Finance for future pilots since we have been working with them for years. And don’t feel like you must apply for financial aid all by yourself! Give our Baltimore flight school a call today to setup an appointment with our financial aid coaches to get all your applications and loans and information all set up for you to finally reach your goal of earning your piloting license!


Of course those aren’t your only 3 financing options. The institutions in the financial aid departments also offer federal and state grants, federal student loans, federal work-study, institutional scholarships, and non-institutional scholarships to eligible students. We know that aviation school is a big life investment so you should always weight out all your options. Call our friendly Baltimore flight school at Middle River today for financial aid help!