Airplane Flight School

Middle River Aviation is an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) part 141 certified flight school.

The FAA is a United States Government agency part of the Department of Transportation tasked with the responsibility of the safety of civil aviation in the United States.

There is a very rigorous process to become a certified Flight School by the FAA. Once certified the FAA will continually inspect our aircraft, facility, instructors and instruction methods to make sure that we continually meet FAA standards. As a certified flight school, we operate under part 141 of the FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations). Most flight schools are not certified and operate under Far part 61, which means that they do not have direct FAA oversight. What this means to the student is that we have a training syllabus that we have developed, not so much for the students but rather for the instructors to follow so that we provide a training course that is constant and consistent between all students and instructors. Without the structured flight lesson course, instructors would be free to teach you however they like so long as you meet the requirements for your flight test. The result of that is inconsistency in training and a needless waste of your time and money.

If you only ever fly with one person, you will only ever learn what they know. By having an approved syllabus and training course, you can fly with multiple instructors without wasting time repeating flight lessons and therefore you are able to learn from multiple people with different ways of doing things. This will make you a more knowledgeable and well-rounded pilot.

To decide if you should choose the part 141 option, some things to consider are your long-term goals and learning style. If you are on a career path or your goals are to go to the military or the airlines, the structured piloting training provided under part 141 can be favorable.

Being part 141 gives us the opportunity to provide benefits for our students such as allowing their VA benefits to pay for flight training either as a vocational flight training program or a degree program with our partner The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). Working with our partner CCBC, a nationally accredited pilot training institution, our students can qualify for restricted privileges airline transport pilot certificate (R-ATP) after finishing their degree program. We can provide training under part 61 if that is your preferred method. Take your local flight lessons here at Middle River Aviation today and put yourself in a position for success.