Middle River Aviation’s Local College Partnership

If you are interested in earning your pilot’s license or making aviation a career, there is no better place to start than the partnership between Middle River Aviation and the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). CCBC uses Middle River Aviation as a primary resource, allowing you to earn your pilot’s license while taking classes on campus.

Before Launching a Career in Aviation, Consider Middle River Aviation



Strategic Connections

This partnership allows students to interact with experienced professionals in the field while developing connections within the college and aviation industry networks.



MRA has substantial flexibility for flight lessons and works around student schedules.



MRA & CCBC Partnership provides an affordable option for securing a pilot’s license while simultaneously earning a community college degree. 




We understand flight school is a serious investment. Middle River Aviation’s partnership with CCBC supports students with financial aid coaching to make flight school affordable. The institution’s financial aid department offers federal and state grants, federal student loans, federal work-study, institutional scholarships, and non-institutional scholarships to eligible students. Through Middle River Aviation, students may also have access to traditional student loans. 




     Getting started is easy. Simply enroll in CCBC through their website