Middle River Aviation’s Local College Partnership

Middle River Aviation has built a partnership with the local Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) to leverage each partner’s strengths to provide the best possible flight school experience. Middle River Aviation aligns with both aviation industry partners and institutes of higher education. CCBC uses Middle River Aviation as a primary resource for CCBC students making it possible to earn their pilot’s license while taking classes on campus. Middle River Aviation makes the connection simple and easy for students. No where else in town allows for such an simply transition between flight lessons and college.

Before Launching a Career in Aviation, Consider Middle River Aviation

The aviation industry is complicated, operating within an ever-evolving technological and regulatory environment.  Therefore, students with the combination of aviation industry experience and a college degree are better equipped to compete for industry jobs. Middle River Aviation’s partnership with CCBC allows students to interact with experienced professionals in the field while developing connections within the college and aviation industry networks giving them an edge when job hunting. Invest in your future and earn your degree while you earn your pilot’s license. Out of all the aviation schools in Maryland, Middle River Aviation is the flight training program that will guarantee your success.

If you are considering an aviation career, our professional pilots and industry experts recommend that you consider obtaining a college degree while earning your pilot ratings. The Middle River Aviation partnership offers flight lessons as part of a standard college degree. CCBC is also a great choice for someone who is working their way through college. In addition to that, MRA has substantial flexibility for flight lessons to the point where they work around your schedule. Choosing CCBC and Middle River Aviation allows students to train for a new career while staying with a local Baltimore aviation school that is close to home,eliminating the hassle that comes with moving to go to an out-of-state school. We know you have a choice about choosing a flight school. Our Maryland flight training program is the top choice for CCBC students, and there’s a reason why. Our instructors assist students in reaching their goals by informing them of the best and efficient way to become a pilot in the least amount of time. They simply inform students of the best way to become a pilot and in the least amount of time. When seeking employment, aviators with a college degree are thought to have superior skill sets, and therefore are in higher demand. This ultimately allows those aviators to come into the professional flying world with the highest credentials, greatest knowledge, and best flying experience. What better way to learn how to fly?

Financial Aid and Financing

We understand flight school is a serious investment. The Middle River Aviation's partnership with Community College of Baltimore County also supports students with financial aid coaching to make flight school affordable. The institutions financial aid departments offer federal and state grants, federal student loans, federal work-study, institutional scholarships, and non-institutional scholarships to eligible students. Through Middle River Aviation, students may also have access to traditional student loans. 


We enjoy seeing our students succeed. That’s why we provide the most robust resources possible and have the most respected leadership in the aviation industry. Simply, we care. We know what students need to succeed and we offer every avenue possible for them to reach their dreams. CCBC is a wonderful community college to get your degree from and we truly believe in what they do for their students. That’s why we value our college partnership so much.


Don’t just pick any aviation school in Maryland to take your flying lessons from, pick the one that will be the most effective on your career. Contact the largest flight school in Maryland today and begin the application process of earning your degree and piloting license. Middle River Aviation is here to get you on your way to flying high!