Cirrus Approved SR20 & SR22 Transition Training

     The Cirrus SR series aircraft are several of the most technologically advanced general aviation aircraft on the market today. With the Avidyne or Garmin Glass Panels, Garmin GPS, fully coupled auto-pilot, and CAPS ballistic parachute system, the Cirrus becomes the safest and most capable single piston engine aircraft available. Its comfortable interior and automation make it perfect for long flights. Additionally, the fully coupled auto-pilot reduces the work load for the pilot, allowing him or her to focus more intently on other tasks, in turn making the flight less stressful and safer.

     Because the Cirrus aircraft is a Technologically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), most aviation insurance companies will require pilots to complete a Cirrus transition training course with a CSIP prior to flying a Cirrus. Our Chief pilot, Bruce Hollen, is our resident Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP). He has undergone through extensive Cirrus factory training and is certified in both the SR20 and SR22. He is also authorized to provide Cirrus Transition Training in either Avidyne or in the Garmin Perspective equipped aircraft.

Cirrus Training in Baltimore

     If you are already an instrument rated pilot with at least 250 hours and would like to rent our Cirrus SR20, the checkout process is easy. Our insurance simply requires that you fly 10 hours with our cirrus instructors, with at least one hour of that flight time with our Chief Instructor and CSIP, Bruce Hollen. If you are already a private pilot and wish to do your instrument rating with us in our cirrus, you may rent it after obtaining your instrument rating, regardless of your total hours if you do all of the 141 Instrument syllabus requirements in our Cirrus.

Flying the Cirrus

     Learning how to fly this aircraft is a new and exciting challenge. Its many user-friendly features make it easy to learn and fun to fly. All your training can be done right here with us! Whether you are a private pilot seeking instrument training or a Cirrus owner in need of familiarization with your aircraft, we are a one stop shop for all your Cirrus needs. Keeping current with us is simple and provides a hassle-free way to stay proficient and stay in the air.

In order to keep current with flying the Cirrus, the manufacturer requires that you do recurrent training with a CSIP every 6 months. Additionally, if you would like to rent our Cirrus, our school requires that pilots must fly with a Cirrus instructor in our Cirrus at least once every 60 days. If you go out of currency, a proficiency check with our CSIP or any other of our Cirrus instructors will be required.