Proud Partners of the Community College of Baltimore County

      Middle River Aviation is a proud partner of the Community College of Baltimore County. If you are looking for a career in aviation as a pilot, there is no better place to start than Middle River Aviation and CCBC. In this day in age, the airlines are in desperate need of pilots as the industry expands and the pilot shortage continues to grow. In order to qualify for these positions, a prospective student must first meet some basic requirements. You will need at a minimum, an Associate Degree, the appropriate FAA Pilot Certificates, and the required number of flight hours to be eligible for hire by the airlines. All of which can be accomplished with MRA and CCBC.

     Getting started is easy. Once you have enrolled in CCBC through their online portal, you will be able to meet with their specialist in order to apply for student loans, grants, or Veteran’s funding. The Aviation degree program is a two-year program that starts either in September or February, depending on when you enroll. There are four semesters that will coincide with your Baltimore flight training. First semester will be a Private Pilot course. Once that's completed, you will be ready to take an FAA check ride to get your pilot’s license. The second semester will be an Instrument Rating course. The third and fourth semesters will be focused on gaining a commercial pilot certificate as well as a certified flight instructor certificate. Although these courses are broken down into semesters, you will still be able to fly through the entire year. This enables you to complete all your flight training in the same time it takes to complete your degree.

Proud Partner of the CCBC

     As a community college, CCBC can offer affordable tuition for all programs. Compared to a 4-year University, the savings are tremendous. If you are local to the Baltimore, Maryland area, this would also allow you to commute from home instead of spending extra money on commuting, campus food and on-campus housing.

     For many veterans, the acceptance GI Bill funding is a key ingredient in getting started with flight training. If you are a veteran looking to use your GI Bill for flight training, look no further! Going through the CCBC and Middle River Aviation with your GI Bill can cover the complete cost of flight training. Using your veterans benefits through CCBC is the best way to get the most out of your flight training experience. We guarantee it!

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CCBC Financial Assistance

     If you do not have the financial resources available to pay for flight training, the Community College of Baltimore County is an excellent option. Doing your training through CCBC allows you to apply for scholarships, grants, and student loans. Having these options can allow you to complete your flight training in a timely manner without financial burden.

     CCBC’s aviation program is unrivaled by any program in the area. It’s an expertly built program with not only low cost tuition, but also simple funding abilities to use a GI Bill, scholarships, grants, or student loans to fund your education. This allows students to receive the best value for their education and a promising start to the large flight business industry.