Our Offered Courses


30 minutes, Training provided in a Cessna 172, $129

60 minutes, Training provided in a Cessna 172, $225

40 hours (30 hours duel with instructor, 10 hours solo) Training provided in a Cessna 172


50 hours of cross country required, 40 hours simulated or actual instrument time. Some hours carry over from Private Pilot training. 


250 hours total time required. Less 80 from private and instrument training. 170 hours to complete with 20 hours of instruction. 160 hours in C-172, 10 hours in PA28R.


May be completed with time building for commercial. Pricing based on completing CFI training, not in conjunction with Commercial time building.


May be completed with time building for commercial. Pricing based on completing CFII training, not in conjunction with Commercial time building.


10 hours flight time with 5 hours of ground instruction. Can be completed with time building for commercial. Pricing based on completing Multi-engine training, not in conjunction with Commercial time building.


4 day training course. Includes FAA check ride. Flat Rate: $4,200


10 hours flight time, 2 hours of ground instruction

Complex Endorsement 

10 hours flight time, 5 hours of ground instruction

Cirrus Transition Training 

10 hours flight time, 2 hours of ground instruction with a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot.

*all estimates are before discount program

     Learning to fly an airplane is one of the most exciting things you can learn how to do. You can see the world from one of the most unique perspectives and train for some of the most interesting jobs as a professional pilot. Aviation career opportunities include the huge demand for airline pilots, or flying for corporate aviation, on demand charter services to name a few. The demand for professional pilots is at an all time high and only predicted to grow as the industry grows. There is a very real pilot shortage which means there are guaranteed jobs available that are good paying with a great opportunity for advancement and financial reward.

     The process of learning to fly is challenging, but very rewarding. You’ll start by flying the airplane with an instructor to learn the basics. You’ll learn how to fly straight and level, do climbs, turns, and descents and then move on to learning how to land, execute emergency procedures, and more. Once you’ve mastered all the required maneuvers, your flight instructor will give you an endorsement for your first solo. The first time you fly an airplane by yourself, all alone on your first solo will be one of the most unforgettable moments of your life. We teach you to fly in two stages. First, you’ll learn how to handle the airplane which leads to your first solo flight. Our goal is to get you to that point in your training between 15-20 hours of flight training. Now that you have soloed and know how to fly a plane me move on to the phase of teaching you to become a pilot through more advanced flight lessons.

     After your first solo, training tends to go very quickly. Your instructor will keep track of your progress and make sure that you’re completing all the requirements. You’ll be doing ground school concurrently with your flight training so that you’ll be ready to take your written test. Once your written test and flight requirements are complete and you’re proficient at your flying, your instructor will give you an endorsement to take the oral and practical exam. You’ll take the oral and practical exam with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. When you pass the exam, the Examiner will issue your new private Pilot certificate.

     When people ask how long this training will take, we can tell you that it will take approximately 20-25 hours from the time of your first solo flight. Those 20-25 hours are simply meeting the FAA requirements for you to take the practical test. The hardest part of flying is learning how to land safely. After you can master that skill, you will have your first solo flight. For some people this comes easy, for others it takes a lot more practice. So if you are eager to become an airplane pilot, contact us today to apply for our local Baltimore flight lessons and begin on that path of success in no time!

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