Take Demonstration Flights with Our Pilots

     Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly a plane? Just check out our demos! Our Baltimore demonstration flights are a great way to see what flying is all about. This is a great opportunity if you are trying to decide if you would like to pursue flight lessons. A demo flight also makes a great gift for your adventurous loved ones. As we always say, your first time flying an airplane is something you will never forget, so pass that timeless opportunity on to your friends or family today!

     Your demo flight is personalized for you, depending on your wants and interests. You could request a leisurely voyage or head to the practice area to try your hand at some maneuvers. When you arrive for your demo flight lesson, your instructor will introduce themselves to you and begin a pre-flight conversation in order to gauge your comprehension and goals for the flight. You will then head out to the airplane for pre-flight and a safety briefing.

     Once you have hopped up into the pilot’s seat and started the plane, the instructor will then help you taxi to the runway in preparation to assist you to take off. Once you are flying, the controls are all yours. The instructor will be there to assist you in flying and to make sure you are safe, but you will be pretty much acting as the pilot.

     The instructor will handle all the navigating, communicating, and dealing with air traffic control for you. All you have to do is fly! But don't worry, you may ask the instructor to take the controls over at any time.

Middle River- Airplane Demos.jpg

     Demos are with an FAA certificated flight instructor so your time in the airplane can be logged towards the 40 hours you need for your private pilot’s certificate. If you do decide to pursue flight lessons, let us know and we can begin the process together. It's super simple!

Airplane Demo Prices

Preparation Items for Airplane Demos

  • Please remember to dress weather appropriate and that flying is weather dependent. We do reserve the right to cancel and reschedule any demo flights due to pertinent weather conditions.

  • We can take you and up to two passengers with you on your flight. Please note that the aircraft are weight restricted.

We offer two airplane demo options:

Cessna 172 – 30 minutes $129

Cessna 172 – 60 minutes $225

Simply give us a call or send us and email to book a demo flight with Baltimore's premiere aviation school today!