Student Pilot Information from Active Duty Military Members

As a veteran owned and operated business, we support and respect any past and present military personnel who want to learn to fly with us.


Our Baltimore flight school experts can help get you on the right track to using your military benefits towards a pilot’s license.

  • Approximately 80% of our students are veterans using their GI Bill benefits through the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). With this program, we teach students to fly, and CCBC facilitates the academic portion to allow students to both earn their pilot’s license and a college degree.


  • Most of our military veteran students who complete their flight training here return to become flight instructors at our school.


  • Many of our veterans, both instructors and students, will freely admit that being here at Maryland’s top aviation school is the closest they’ve had to a support system since leaving the service. They aren’t alone. They are training with people who have the same discipline, focus, drive, and issues shared by similar experiences.



If you are an active-duty military helicopter pilot, near the end of your commitment or you are recently separated, the airlines are looking for you!

  • If you want a rewarding career flying for the airlines, but don’t have the fixed-wing ratings or hour requirement, you can use your VA benefits to obtain the required ratings and 250 hours of fixed-wing aircraft time. You can be airline ready in less than 90 days.


  • Use your post 911 GI Bill directly through our school: Apply through the VA. We will need your letter of eligibility and a class 1 or 2 medical certificate in order to enroll you into the VA financial benefits system. Once you're enrolled and signed up, you're ready to start flight training!


  • To use your benefits for flight training through our partner, the Community College of Baltimore County, you must enroll in their Professional Pilot - Airplane degree program directly through the college.