About our Maryland Aviation School



Our commitment to excellence will be apparent to you from the first time you walk through our door. You won't find aircraft that meet our standards of maintenance and appearance anywhere in Maryland, nor will you find flight instructors with as much experience. Most of our instructors are well seasoned, having at least 1000 hours and years spent years as Certified Flight Instructors.  As a testament to our experience and level of training, many flight instructors from small schools in the surrounding areas come to train with us to polish their skills and to learn to give better training to their student pilots. Our flying lessons are in a league of their own.

Flying as a Career

     Becoming a career pilot is easy at Middle River Aviation. We are partnered with the Community College of Baltimore County where you can get your Associates of Applied Science degree in Aviation Management – Professional Pilot while completing your flight training.

     Whether you learn to fly airplanes or helicopters, the career options are endless. The current aviation industry, especially at the flight school level, is a constant pipeline. Students turn into pilots, pilots into instructors, and instructors move off to the airlines, corporate aviation, or other aviation careers. As a commercial helicopter pilot, different options are available to you. Since helicopters can land almost anywhere, they are extremely versatile.  Many helicopter pilots will start off as instructors and then move on to fly tours in New York City or the Grand Canyon, fly for the news, police or Pipe Line Patrol, or even begin work for the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

     Middle River Aviation has a unique blend of instructors. While some are part of the pipeline, many are here to stay. Our team of accomplished and knowledgeable instructors is the backbone of Middle River Aviation. Not only do they provide ace flight training, but also a beyond exceptional mentor-ship experience with their students. While they will lead you to success through private, instrument, commercial training, and so on, they are just as good at being there for our other beginner students, providing ideas and counseling while they achieve their professional and or personal goals. Our Baltimore flight instructors understand your goals with flight lessons and know how to help you reach them.

     Whichever career path you choose, there is a guaranteed piloting job waiting for you. The aviation industry is expanding to the point where the pilot shortage may never be filled. Not only are there jobs available as soon as you are qualified, but they are good paying jobs with incredible opportunity for advancement. The average salary of a pilot flying for the major airlines with only 6 or 7 years experience is over $100,000. That fact in itself should push you to become a pilot sooner!


So what are you waiting for? Contact the top flight school in Maryland today and begin the journey of a lifetime. Located at the Martin State Airport, beginning a piloting career has never been easier. Start taking flight lessons in Baltimore from the top school in the Northeast. Your pilot's license is within reach! 

Women in Aviation

     Females are commonly outnumbered in the aviation industry. Not because they are unwelcome or under-performing, but because historically women were not allowed to be pilots. As a result of this, most young girls are unaware that being a pilot is an option for them. Today we move against the current and provide equivalency with level opportunities for women as men. With the past's lack of female mentor-ship and peers in the aviation world, we have officially broken that mold. At Middle River Aviation, we want you ladies to know that flying is a wonderful career path. An aviation career is not out of reach! We are happy to welcome you at Baltimore's top rated flight school. We currently have many female students in both the airplane and helicopter fields who are excelling significantly. If you have an interest in learning how to fly, come out and meet some of the women who are living their dreams piloting at our school. They can show you that the possibilities in the sky are endless!


Flying for Fun


     Whether you have wanted to fly since you were a child or if this is a new interest, we are here to help you experience your wishes. Many people fly just for the fun of it! You may have family and friends out of state that are just too far away to visit frequently by driving and the inconvenience of commercial air travel prevents you from visiting often. Or, you may just want to get up in the sky! Either way, we provide an option for customers who are looking to fly for fun here at Middle River Aviation. There are 36 airports in Maryland so there is almost always a small airport close to where you want to go so your fun flight is quite convenient. Having your pilots license gives you so many options in the aviation world. You can discover new places, buzz around in the sky, bring your friends along, or get the “$100 hamburger.” (We'll fill you in when you get here.) Middle River Aviation is a great place to have fun while learning how to fly or renting an aircraft for yourself. Start your flight lessons today!