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The Cougar was intended for the flying school twin-engined trainer market and also as a personal use aircraft. The Cougar is powered by a pair of wing-mounted Lycoming O-320-D1D engines of 160 hp (119 kW). It carries four people at maximum cruise speed of 160 kn (296 km/h) and a typical cruise speed of 140 kn (259 km/h). It was certified under US FAR Part 23 on 22 September 1977. Hourly Rate: $280


Capacity: three passengers Maximum speed: 168 kn (193 mph; 311 km/h) Cruise speed: 160 knots (184 mph; 296 km/h) true airspeed Range: 1,170 nmi (1,346 mi; 2,167 km) maximum economy with no reserves Wing loading: 20.65 lb/sq ft (100.8 kg/m2) Power/mass: 11.9 lb/hp (0.14 kg/kW) Max take off weight: 3800.0 lb Basic empty weight: 2668.98.0 lbs Basic empty weight - moment: 256780.0
Useful load: 1131.02 lbs
Long Arm: 96.21


250 hr PIC time
Instrument rating
Multi-engine rating with at least 30 hours multi time.
10 hours with instructor in type.

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