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Private Pilot Helicopter Certificate Course 

Course Objectives
This course is for an individual with no prior experience in aviation. During the course the student will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully complete the FAA Private Helicopter Pilot practical test.

Course Description
During the flight portion of the course, the student will learn how to perform basic flight maneuvers and will gain the skills required to fly the helicopter. The student will also learn how to successfully respond to emergency situations by performing practice autorotations, low rotor rpm recovery, and simulated engine failure to name a few.

During the ground training, the student will learn the rules and regulations of the FAA. The student will learn about the performance and limitations of the helicopter, aerodynamics, the national airspace system and flight planning.

The course is broken down into three separate stages, each building on the previous and the course is completed when all stages are complete and the student is prepared to take the FAA Practical Test and earn the private pilot helicopter certificate. 

Course Outline and Hours

Dual Flight Training 30 hours
Solo Flight Training 5 hours
Dual Ground Training 35 Hours
Total cost $ 15,925 ($15,050 with frequent flier discount)