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N954JA CESSNA skyhawk, C-172SP

Fly our glass panel Garmin G-1000 Skyhawk and you’ll have the experience of flying the most advanced training aircraft on the market today. The G-1000 is the most capable avionics suite available on a general aviation aircraft and it makes flying in IMC or training for an IFC rating a pleasure. For the career student, this is the perfect aircraft to train in, for that easy transition into larger turbine aircraft. This aircraft is available for both training and rental.


180 HP

8 Gallons per hour fuel burn

6 hours of flight time with reserve

Total full capacity: 53 gallons

Basic empty weight: 1699.75 lbs
Useful load: 850.25 lbs
Max take off weight: 2550.0 lb
Basic empty weight - moment: 69614.69

Check out and Requirements:

Check ride with instructor and G-1000 proficient.

90 day currency