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AircraftTypeModelVFR/IFRHourly RateW/Discount Plan
10hrs in 60 Days
W/Discount Plan
10hrs in 30 Days


Robinson R22 Beta II VFR $275.00 $261.90 $250.00
N273SH Robinson R22 Beta II VFR $275.00 $261.90 $250.00
N7109C Robinson R22 Beta II VFR/IFR $295.00 $280.95 $268.00
N883WR Robinson R44 Raven II VFR/IFR $460.00

Helicopter Rental

Whether you have had the urge to fly since you were little, or whether it is something that has just intrigued you, now is the time to start flying! Becoming a pilot is easier than you think. All you have to do is start taking lessons.

Middle River Aviation is proud to be Maryland's largest flight training school. We have the largest fleet of aircraft in the Baltimore metropolitan area, available for both training and rental, and with the largest staff of the most experienced flight instructors in Baltimore, you can feel confident that you are learning from the best. We know your time is valuable, so we won't waste it with scheduling delays. Our fleet is maintained to an exceptional standard that is without comparison. What this means to you is, "we are ready to fly when you are".

Instructor Rates Per Hour

With flight school aircraft, helicopter $60.00 

With customer supplied aircraft, helicopter $65.00