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Course Objectives
This course is for a student who already holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate of another aircraft category. During the course the student will acquire the skills and knowledge required to successfully complete the Commercial Pilot Helicopter FAA Practical Test.  The Commercial Pilot Certificate allows the pilot to operate an aircraft for compensation or hire.

Course Description
During the flight portion of the course, the student will learn to operate the helicopter with a higher degree of skill then a private pilot.  The student will learn how to safely operate the helicopter in mainly off airport operations required for employment in the helicopter industry.

During the ground portion of the course, the student will learn the privileges and limitations of a commercial pilot operating a helicopter for “compensation or hire”.  The student will also become more familiar with systems on the helicopter. 

Upon successful completion of the course the student will be prepared to pass the FAA Practical Test for a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Certificate.

Course Outline and Hours
Dual VFR Flight Training 15
Dual IFR Flight Training 5
Solo Flight Training 35
Total Cost $16,425 ($15,040 with frequent flyer discount)