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Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Training

Welcome to Middle River Aviation and thank you for choosing us for your ATP training and check ride.

We have developed a program that has proven results in preparing you for your check ride and we are confident that while you are here you will find it not only informative, but fun as well. For most of you it will be the first time flying a propeller driven aircraft since you first learned to fly. It may very well be the first time you have ever seen a “blue” knob on a throttle quadrant which controls the pitch of the propeller. With that in mind, we know you are accomplished pilots with years of experience and are more than capable of flying in IMC and shooting approaches. Our purpose is not to train you in these areas but to teach you how to fly a light twin with piston engines and propellers so that you will be able to successfully complete a check ride with an FAA Examiner.

Your Program, Your Way

Our ATP course is a 3 day program with the check ride on the 3rd day. You will receive 4 training flights along with all the ground training required to ensure you are properly prepared for your ATP check ride. This is a highly structured professional course with proven success. We guarantee you won’t face any surprises when it comes time to meet with our FAA examiner.  If you have been out of the cockpit for several years we have a longer 4 or 5 day program that will meet your needs and ensure that you are ready for your check ride by adding more flight time to the 3 day package as well as time in our Redbird full motion simulator.

Centrally Located

MRA is located just north of Baltimore. We are close to BWI airport and within a 2 hour drive of Dover AFB and Andrews AFB for those of you flying Space A. We are a 30 minute drive from Aberdeen Proving Grounds which makes for an easy stay at the BOQ on base.

Use your VA benefits

MRA is an FAA part 141 flight school and has an approved VA ATP course so you can use your benefits to cover the cost of your ATP training.

What you will need for training

At MRA we supply everything you will need while you are training with us at no extra cost. All you will need to bring is your appropriate documentation.  A headset and kneeboard will also be provided so you can leave your flight bag at home or in storage.


Our 3 day program is $4,500.00. It includes all your flight time, ground instruction, examiner fees and training materials. Should you desire to extend your training because you have been flying a desk for the last few years, the aircraft will be billed @ $275.00 per hour and the instructor’s time for ground and flight will be billed @ $60.00 per hour for flight time in excess of 10 hours and training outside the scope of our 3 day program. There is no charge for use of the Redbird simulator.