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Helicopter Rental Fees
We have the largest fleet of aircraft in the Baltimore metropolitan area, available for both training and rental, and with the largest staff of the most experienced flight instructors in Baltimore, you can feel confident that you are learning from the best.
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Airplane Rental Fees
We provide a great alternative by giving you the freedom to choose the right plane for your mission without the hassle of owning and maintaining an aircraft that may not do everything you want it to do. Let us help you, we'll take the hassle out of owning an aircraft, you fly it and have fun.

Airplane and Helicopter Rental

Middle River Aviation offers airplane rental. With the area's largest fleet of rental aircraft, ranging from two seat trainers to high performance, cross country travelers for day trips and tours, there is no need to look elsewhere. We have what you need, at the prices you want. We are proud to be Baltimore's largest helicopter training school so if you don't have a helicopter pilot's certificate yet, you can train with us then rent our helicopters and take your own helicopter tours with your friends and family.